Friday, March 30, 2012

O B S E S S E D: Dramatic Hair Accessories

Rodarte FW 2012, Givenchy inspired street style, Dolce & Gabbana FW 2012

I've always loved hair accessories even when I was younger. I was one of those girls who had the butterfly clips all in their hair in the nineties, crimped hair, beanies, scrunchies, and even cornrows. Over the years I've stopped experimenting with different hair accessories. I even stopped wearing hats for a few years.

The main reason was everything was a little too much with my statement glasses, which I love, but they make it difficult to wear anything else from the shoulders up. Recently I've begun to feel more comfortable with certain styles of hats and I even bought a rose headpiece. I've just realized that I need to find pieces that are dramatic to my liking, but doesn't look too gaudy with my specs.

This brings me to the images above, lately on the runway there have been some absolutely beautiful headpieces that I can't wait to get my hands on. Just the other day I bought a Givenchy inspired spiked headpiece and I'm already brainstorming on how to wear it with my peter pan collar dresses and AC/DC vintage t-shirt; two separate looks of course.

I'm still on the hunt for something similar to the Rodarte star cluster headpiece. As for the Dolce & Gabbana hair accessories, I think that will be much harder to find. They remind me so much of something that a modern day Frida Kahlo would wear.

Are there any runway hair accessories that you're loving right now?


  1. OMG I LOOOOOVE those amazing textured gold accessories in the last picture! So beautiful and inspirational. It was great seeing you this evening! =)

    1. I knew you'd love this post. I'll have to show you the spiked headband I finally got in the mail next time I see you.

      xox Kelly Ann

  2. They are seriously wicked. Especially the Rodarte one! I saw a DIY on Refinery 29 if you wanted to check it out for the Rodarte clip!

    Xo Adri @LovelyFringe

    1. Thank you! I'll have to check that out even though I always fail at DIY projects.

      xoxo Kelly Ann

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  4. Amazing pics dear and gorgeous blog!
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  5. i love hair accessories! sounds like we wore our hair much the same way in the 90s haha :) i still want a spiked headband a la givenchy... can't wait to see you in yours.

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