Wednesday, May 23, 2012

O B S E S S E D: Nasty Gal's Perfect Braid Crown

Nasty Gal moto jacket, Forever 21 top, Dolce & Gabbana glasses.

I've been reading Nasty Gal's blog pretty frequently and I came across a post they made with a tutorial showing you how to master the perfect braid crown. I'm really not the best at hair styling, I usually resort to just leaving my hair completely down with the occasional braided pigtails, but I thought I'd give this a try.

What do you guys think? Do you think you'll be trying this hair style out this summer?

Friday, May 11, 2012

L I F E S T Y L E: My Week in Instagram

I've been waiting AGES to do an Instagram post. I love when bloggers do these kinds of posts because you get a glimpse of the normal every day life all of you guys go through. Candid photos are always the best in opinion and Instagram makes it so easy to document daily moments in that nature.

This was basically my entire week through Instagram. Last Friday I photographed an event at an art gallery, which was one of the best art exhibits that I've ever gone to. (Not just because my boyfriend bought me an adorable owl that night.)

Saturday was when I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with one of my best friends, aww look how adorable we are in that typical mirror iPhone picture. Then you see some random crack den art that my husband and I found today before we had fish tacos at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city. Afterwards, we hit up my favorite vintage shop where I found a "kinky" shirt that I deeply regret not buying because it is so awesome/hilarious/awkward.

I hope you enjoyed this mini glimpse into my Instagram life.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Forever 21 blouse, American Apparel skirt, gifted bag, Target shoes.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, even though we aren't in Mexico and it's not really our holiday to celebrate just another excuse for all of us Americans to get drunk! I hope you're all recovering well this morning and are enjoying my more frequent blog posts!

I'm going out of my personal comfort zone outfit-wise with more color, silhouettes and even flats; which I haven't truly worn at all this year. I also topped the outfit off with one of the many sombreros that were found at HMAC, also known as Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, where I spent most of last night. Earlier this week I had a table reserved so I could be closer to the front to capture pictures of the bands playing. Unfortunately, I missed some of the later bands because I had other plans to see some good friends of mine.

By the way, I'm sure most of you have seen Malcolm in the Middle at least once in your life, well Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) plays in a band in the area now and he was actually at this show. My boyfriend cleverly pointed out that since he is the drummer for the band he must still be 'in the middle'. Trivia note, I'm extremely petite, hence the name of my blog, and many of my friends pointed out that I am most likely taller than Frankie Muniz. It was a Cinco de Mayo miracle, I never thought that'd I see someone shorter than me aside from children.

Anyways, thank you for putting up with the long gaps in between posts. I promise to change this and be a good blogger to you all who actually read this.

By the way, HOLY FREAKING CRAP how did I get 222 'chic points' on my last Chictopia post? That is just insane. When I first saw it I thought there was a glitch in the system. If it wasn't a glitch, thanks guys!