Friday, June 1, 2012


(Mod Dolly dress, Daisy by Marc Jacobs bag, Forever 21 belt, H&M shoes.)

I've been dying to show you guys this dress from Mod Dolly, which I had conveniently found on the Chictopia website, but when I bought it back in March it was too cold to wear. Normally I would have thrown on a pair of tights and leather jacket, but for some reason my trusty leather jacket doesn't look right with it. Anyways, when I bought this I was really impressed by the selection in this shop, the extremely fast shipping and super sweet helpful owner who also happens to be a blogger. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying from this shop again very soon.

This Daisy by Marc Jacobs tote actually came along as a "gift" with the perfume, which is my favorite. You can't really tell, but woven into the bag are gold threads to give it a bit of a sparkle. It's a summer staple for me now.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, it's been to hectic, but I say that every time. So I will just try to promise again to post more outfit pictures in the future. This Sunday I will be going to visit some friends in Philly so I can guarantee that I will have a post about that next week.

I hope you're all well and thank you for still "following" my blog!


  1. love ur dress dear :)

    following you.mind to follow me back? thankyouu :)

  2. you look so gorgeous! love the outfit! following you xo
    please follow me too!:)

  3. Wow thanks for this! I've only just seen this post! You look really lovely in the dress. For posting a picture we give bloggers a 25 % lifetime discount. To claim yours please email

    Love mod dolly

    Also just started following your blog :)


    1. No problem! I love the pieces in the shop so I want to make sure to promote anything I buy there. Thank you so much for the discount and kind words :)

      xoxo Kelly Ann

  4. i really like that dress , and your style !
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