Monday, June 18, 2012

L I F E S T Y L E: My Week in Instagram

Things have been pretty hectic lately so I thought I'd do another Instagram post. This week has been filled with meetings in coffee shops, baking cupcakes for birthday parties, and late nights drinking wine by the river (which results in me tripping over the brick sidewalks and busting my knee).

The highlights of the week though has been the trip to a local flea market where I found some cool items. I'm an obsessive owl, book and jewelry collector so I picked up some while out there. I also came across a vintage Coach bag which I snagged for five bucks, which I later found out runs for around two hundred. I've also been picking up pieces to start up an Etsy shop with a friend of mine. So far we have some beautiful pieces that I think will go to a good home.

Yesterday I also had a photo shoot where I was in front of the camera instead of my usual spot behind the camera. The talented duo Tom and Keidi asked to take my picture in a beautiful cherry field. I'm really excited about the results although I know I made an awkward model because I usually just stand in place with a blank expression wondering what to do.


  1. Another great blog post! :-) I really like it! Looking forward to your next one! Have a great day.

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